Inanga Unveiled, Guitar Revealed

Embark on an exciting musical journey with "Inanga Alchemy," a groundbreaking research project that ventures into translating traditional Inanga music from Rwanda and East Africa to the guitar. Led by the renowned guitarist and music curator, IRATWUMVA Deo Salvator, this exploration weaves together cultural preservation, musical innovation, and a deep dive into the historical context that shapes Inanga's musical tapestry.

Join us as we share the mesmerizing outcomes of this transformative adventure, where Deo Salvator's personal passion and musical expertise come together. This isn't just about research; it's a warm invitation to witness the magical blend of cultures. Be part of the harmonious journey as Inanga traditions discover a new melody through the strings of the guitar.

Individual In-person Classes

Only 10 spots open for Kigalians

Individual Online Classes

Only 10 spots open