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IRATWUMVA Deo Salvator also known as “Deo Salvator” is a Rwandan Guitarist, Recording and Touring
Artist, Music Curator, and Founder of Fingerpickers in Africa. He has been actively involved in
Rwanda's music scene since 2009 where he was a dancer and in 2014 appeared back in the
scene as an instrumentalist passionate about the guitar. His Uncle is a classical musician,
former military sousaphone/tuba player, multi-Instrumentalist, and Music Tutor hence he got.
inspired by him at a tender age. As the journey to finding oneself continued, Salva embarked on
a solo career as a fingerstyle guitarist.
The guitarist is also a columnist writing about his fellow guitarists on the continent of Africa for
a well-known Guitar News Company called guitar.com branch of nme.com under his column.
dubbed “Guitar Tales”, He’s produced Teddy Riley Artists Meet and Greet for Atelier Academy
in Kigali, He managed two fellow Rwandan traditional Artists who play Inanga: Munyakazi Deo
and Esther Niyifasha under my company ALSAVORT. Salva endorses two brands one that.
makes guitar bags and another that makes capos, Fusion Bag and G7th respectively.
He curated Music for "I AM A REFUGEE BUT..",an 18 min poetry Under Great Lakes,
Transpoesis, and Ubuntu Arts Festival. He performed at Various Festivals like NyegeNyege
Festival 2018, Isaano Festival 2018, Ubumuntu Arts Festival 2019, Hamwe Festival 2019 and
Volkano FunFest, AHOJI Festival 2023. Salva has already shared the stage for Great African Caravan 2018, Johnny
Drille 2019, Alexandra Star 2019 and a number of collaborations. He is also the co-founder of
Volkano Fest and the founder of Fingerpickers in Africa and its Musical Festival (Fingerpickers
In Africa Festival).
In addition to his two instrumental albums Salva has film soundtracks for Citizen Kwame
directed by Yuhi Amuli, Twin Lakes Haven directed MBABAZI Philbert Aimé, Memento directed.
Remy Ryumugabe, The Young Cyclist Documentary by Al Jazeera directed by Yuhi Amuli and
has played more than a hundred shows.
He's currently working on an Extended Playlist embodying translations of Inanga music.
(Rwandan traditional stringed harp like Instrument”) to guitar, for the worldwide guitar community
to enjoy new sounds as the culture gets sustained and history told. The album will be in two
formats, as a book and audio wise.

Deo Salvator

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