You can fill up the booking form on this site: Be specific, clear, open-hearted and read this paragraph.
Please check the upcoming events via our site or a Facebook Page.
There are at least few options that could answer such question: A proper invitation must come with an intention to organize and host space for a concert/sound journey. It includes taking care of the logistics as for the musician/s as for the team members. If you are ready for that, please fill-up the booking form. Another option is a spontaneous performance, which could be shared while traveling. You should also check the tour dates, maybe your country already on the list.
When I’ll get there and feel it. For years I have been playing and dreaming to travele and honestly have no idea when and where I would come to this or that country. Though nothing stays the same, it’s changing all the time. Life will throw the situations and life experience that are always unique and particular with timing. It may as well send me to you city corners. I cherish the experience I have had over the years sharing music and stories with people all over the world.


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